Moremi Climate and Weather

Game viewing in the reserve is at its peak from July to October when the areas dries up and animals start focusing around the areas of permanent water. 

As the Delta floods receed and temperatures saw, the plains dry up and lush grass is left in their wake providing fresh supplies for the resident game and excellent photographic opportunities for those on safari.

The rainy season that peaks at the beginning of each year can make some roads in the reserve completely impassable although game viewing is still very good. 

As the dry season begins however, game is far easier to spot as it concentrates along areas of permanent water and along the rivers that flow throughout the year. October is the best time for game viewing in Moremi although it is also probably the hottest month.

Wet Season: November to March is the hot rainy season and the roads can be quite bad. The advantage of this time of year is that most of the animals give birth, providing a wonderful game watching experience. 
The landscape is lush and green and there is an abundance of wild flowers.

Dry season: April to October is the dry season and the drier it becomes the easier it is to spot animals close to permanent water holes. At this time much of the Okavango dries out, apart from permanent rivers in Moremi Game Reserve and the northern reaches of the Okavango. The heat starts to build in earnest from October onwards.