Moremi Wildlife

Not only does this range of habitats provide rich pickings for an impressive variety of wildlife, but thefloodwaters that arrive to swell the Delta's waterways as the rest of Botswana dries up in the dry season are a magnet for tens of thousands of animals.
Indeed, game viewing is impressive throughout the year but the cool, dry winter months from to March to September are an ideal time to visit. Expect to see elephant and buffalo, all manner of antelope and plains game as well as great predators. On the sandy riverbanks and wetlands, sightings of hippos and crocodiles are commonplace.

Elephant are numerous here, particularly during the dry season when they migrate from nearby Chobe National Park in search of water. Other wildlife includes buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, hyena, jackal and a full range of antelope, large and small, including the red lechwe. 

The only free-roaming rhino in Botswana are those recently introduced to the Mombo area of Chief's Island. Wild dog, whose numbers are so rapidly dwindling elsewhere, are regularly sighted, and it is claimed that the Moremi contains about 30% of all living wild dog. They have been subject to a research project run in the area since 1989 so these animals are often seen wearing collars.